Nutritionist In Oxford & London

Welcome to Emma Moorby Naturopathy

I am a registered Naturopath, dedicated to optimising thyroid and hormone health with simple, natural approaches. I use nutrition, herbs, targeted supplements, and lifestyle to restore balance.

Are you:

Struggling because doctors haven’t been able to identify the cause of your symptoms?

Sick and tired of feeling ‘sick and tired?’

Medicated but still developing symptoms?

I can help.

I support clients with:

Thyroid conditions: Including


Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroiditis,

Thyroid Nodules

Post-Partum Thyroiditis

Hormone Imbalance: including

Infertility and fertility issues

PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome)

Irregular periods





My personal experience of dealing with hypothyroidism, PCOS and infertility, combined with my specialist clinical knowledge, means I truly understand what living with a thyroid health condition means and all its implications.

I have been exactly where you are now and continue to work on myself to be the most optimally healthy version of myself I can be. I consider this a continuous journey.

It is my mission to empower as many people as possible with thyroid and hormone health conditions to regain their vitality and take back control of their lives.

I also support Thyroid and Breast Cancer, (please click on the highlighted text for further information.)

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NB Always seek traditional medical advice with any diagnosed health condition first before exploring natural health options. I work alongside medical doctors and will liaise with them at your request.

Hi I'm Emma,

I’m Emma, registered naturopath, and nutritional therapist, specialising in thyroid and hormone health. Find out about my personal experience of PCOS, fertility issues and thyroid imbalance which prompted me to work in this area here (link to ‘About Emma’ page)

I have a qualification in Naturopathy and Nutritional therapy from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and a background in recipe and product development.

In addition, I have completed additional training in Cancer and Integrative Oncology with the Peat Institute and enrolled in their mentorship programme. This ensures that I keep up to date with the latest research, I also have the support of Patricia Peat who has many years of experience of supporting clients with cancer.

When not supporting clients on a 1:1 basis or mentoring, I also provide lectures at health conferences.